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Top 5 Most Anticipated Horror Games Coming In 2021

most anticipated horror games


Top 5 Most Anticipated Horror Games Coming In 2021

Every day is Halloween for the average horror connoisseur. Here’s our top 5 most anticipated horror games coming in 2021.

Every day is Halloween for horror connoisseurs like myself, so my eyes are always glued onto upcoming horror games. This year’s selection of scary games was decent with the release of Visage, Maid of Sker, and Phasmophobia. Not a bad selection, but it seems 2021 is striving to deliver all the scares with its line up. So, here’s a shortlist of 2021’s most anticipated horror games.

Outlast: Trails

The Outlast franchise taught us that the human willy can be quite frightening in night vision and never crash land in an unknown rural area filled with a death cult. So, what important life lesson will Outlast: Trails will be teaching us this time? Based on the game’s steam page; if you are going to suffer, then bring your friends with you.

This installment serves as a prequel story to the original game, but it’s set in the cold war. Players must work together in order to survive the Murkoff Corporation’s twisted test and trials. Or, you can inflate a pair and take on the horrors by yourself. Right now, there isn’t any gameplay footage to closely examine, but the concept sounds very promising.

Evil Dead: The Game

Hail to the king, baby! In the past, the Evil Dead has received several video game adaptations. However, they ranged from stale bread to stale bread with honey on top. In 2021, we will be getting a four-player co-op and PvP Evil Dead game. Set in the franchise’s iconic location, a run down cabin in the wood, players must work together to survive the horrors of the deadites. Not much gameplay was shown in its announcement, but it looks brutal and a ton of fun.

FNAF: Security Breach

Does anyone else find it weird that Fazbear Entertainment can afford an entire mall, but not enough to pay their electric bill? Corporation priorities aside, Five Nights at Freddy’s: Security Breach is the eighth main installment in the franchise. This time you are not trapt in a small secluded area like security or bedroom. This time you have an entire mall to yourself. Well, you do have to share it with murderous animatronics.

Little Nightmares 2

I’ve got to say, I picked the perfect time to check out Little Nightmares. It was a really creepy short horror game that has a thick layer of atmosphere. You play as a tiny child trying to escape these disfigured adults trying to hurt or eat you. I loved every second of it and makes me extremely happy to hear the sequel is coming out next year.

You get to see more of Little Nightmares’ twisted world, the story will be longer, new disturbing enemy designs to run from, and Six from the previous game makes a return with a new character, Mono. What’s not to look forward to?

Resident Evil: Village

Coming hot of the heals of the fantastic Resident Evil 7, the eighth installment, Resident Evil 8: Village, seems to be keeping the Resident Evil franchise on track. More focus on survival horror, than pulse-pounding action that only superhumans can survive. The atmosphere of Village reminds me quite a bit of Resident Evil 4‘s environment. However, instead of fighting villagers with tentacles parasites, you face werewolf zombies(?) Looking at the trailer gives the impression they’re taking the franchise in a new direction again. It worked wonderfully last time, so hopes are extremely high for this one.

That wraps up our most anticipated upcoming horror games of 2021. Tell us yours in the comments below!

Christian loves horror games and movies. He's a horror connoisseur, if you will.

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