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Star Wars Ditches Slave I Name On All-Ages Merchandise

Slave I


Star Wars Ditches Slave I Name On All-Ages Merchandise

Star Wars is ditching Slave I in favor of “Boba Fett’s Spaceship” for future all-ages merchandise, it seems.

It appears Slave I is shifting its name on all-ages merchandise. Keen Star Wars fans were quick to notice that the recently revealed LEGO set used the non-controversial name “Boba Fett’s Starship” instead of the canonical “Slave I.”

Fandom outlet, Jedi News, spoke with LEGO designers Jens Frederiksen and Michael Stockwell. In terms of Stockwell’s comment, he confirmed that LEGO Star Wars sets including the ship would be rebranded to the non-offensive name.

“Yes, I built another. We’re not calling it Slave I any more. This is Boba Fett’s Starship.”

When asked why they’re dropping the name, Frederiksen simply said “everybody is.”

“Everybody is. It’s probably not something which has been announced publicly but it is just something that Disney doesn’t want to use any more.”

Now, to be fair, this doesn’t mean Slave I doesn’t exist, likely this will be akin to Marvel’s Holocaust, a villain that is packaged as Nemesis when action figures roll out.

This wouldn’t even be the first time Disney’s done something like this before to the Star Wars franchise, think back to when they altered Slave Leia’s name on packaging.

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