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Marvel’s Spider-Man Connected to Marvel’s Avengers Game – Theory

Spider-Man Avengers


Marvel’s Spider-Man Connected to Marvel’s Avengers Game – Theory

Could Spider-Man be connected to the upcoming Avengers game?

Square Enix announced a Marvel’s Avengers game two years, but only gave a very vague trailer. Two years later, we get our first look at Marvel’s Avengers and still know very little about it. We do know the Avengers lost and five years past. Leaving the world in a troubled state. Sounds familiar, *cough* Avengers: Endgame *cough*. Not much gameplay was shown, but it looks to be an over the shoulder combat like God of War. Out of everything we learned, there is key dialogue that stood out to me that ties to Marvel’s Spider-Man.

In the trailer, Iron Man says: “Hello San Francisco”. To some people that won’t mean much, but if you add the Spider-man PS4’s Avengers Easter egg. If you travel to the Avengers Tower, Spider-Man will say: “The Avengers Tower is cool. Too bad they are never around to use it. They are probably somewhere on the West Coast right now”.

San Francisco is located on the west coast. It’s also something to note is that Taskmaster is in both games. In Marvel’s Spider-ManTaskmaster mentions he fought the Avengers. What does he do in the Marvel’s Avengers trailer? He fights the Avengers. Taskmaster does look different in both games. Then again, Marvel’s Avengers plot takes five years after the event. So, maybe the fashion changed in that time period.

What do you guys think? Did Marvel’s Spider-Man set up a cross over with the Avengers? Or was it a throwaway Easter egg? Let us know down in the comment section below!

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