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Nintendo Aims To Increase Their IP Access


Nintendo Aims To Increase Their IP Access

Nintendo has made the decision to take a step toward increasing the exposure and access to their properties.

Nintendo has decided to cease their attempts to bring more of an audience to the world gaming. For more than a decade, Nintendo had worked under a “gaming population expansion” demeanor, meaning they directed their efforts to draw more people to gaming. It was done through their different more “beginner-friendly” consoles like the DS and Wii.

Nowadays, you’re more likely to see a gamer walking down the street. Anyone can be a gamer, even mobile gaming is still gaming. The change in direction even took into consideration that fact.

Nintendo will be putting a focus on increasing the number of people with access to their IPs in some way. Over the course of the years, Nintendo has brought forward more and more ventures to make their properties widely known.

. . . We began working on actively leveraging the worldwide ubiquity of smart devices and on our IP expansion business, which includes theme parks, video content, and character merchandising.

Nintendo also aims to broaden their horizons with different media besides video games. This wasn’t elaborated on further in the article. That being said, with the animated Super Mario Bros. movie being put onto “priority development” back in November, it’s no real question what they could possibly be talking about.

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