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Madden NFL 22 Is Being Labeled A Scam

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Madden NFL 22 Is Being Labeled A Scam

EA dropped a list of “major” improvements made to Madden NFL 22 and the community’s not having it as the improvements aren’t really “major.”

A new year, another Madden installment for the long-running franchise by EA. The franchise has been facing a lot ridicule from the community and gamers over the years. If you visit the last game’s Metacritic page, Madden NFL 21, you will notice it’s abysmally low. Nearly majority of negative reviews are criticizing the game’s lack of innovation, an unpleasant amount of microtransactions, reused assets, poor graphics, etc. So, will Madden NFL 22 be any different? After many fans viewed the trailer, they don’t believe so. Some believe that Madden NFL 22 is a scam.

The first indication that fans aren’t pleased is that all Madden NFL 22‘s trailers‘ like to dislike ratio is severely unbalanced. The dislike bar is rapidly absorbing the like bar with no signs of stopping. The second indication, the trailer’s comment section is a minefield of scornful comments. Many of them stating that it looks exactly the same as previous entries.

Popular YouTube game critic, AngryJoeShow, outright calls Madden NFL 2022 a scam. He made an Angry Rant video the same day as the trailer. In the video, Joe goes into detail about the 10 major improvements that EA provided to the game. However, these “major improvements” are miniscule or rehashed by Joe’s account.

To summarize it – Joe’s main criticism is that Madden is a multi-billion dollar franchise that reuses assets for mostly everything. Despite generating enough money to feed the entire world, the franchise barely generates new content, improved features, or better graphics. In fact, one of the major features, Scout will be updated, won’t be implemented until later after the game’s launch. He claims that EA only hyped up the athletes for game’s cover art, Tom Brady and Patrick Mahomes, to distract fans from it being the same game again.

The video’s view count is rapidly growing with majority of viewers agreeing with him.

Will this be enough to shake EA or will EA prove everyone wrong? Tell us below!

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