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KFConsole: An Oncoming Storm Of Gaming And… Fried Chicken?



KFConsole: An Oncoming Storm Of Gaming And… Fried Chicken?

The chicken fast-food chain, KFC, has done it and announced the KFConsole, its own rather powerful and branded console.

Despite the mass amounts of organizations trying their best to squeeze their way into the gaming scene these days, this could’ve been the very last thing you would have expected. At some point in June around the time of the PlayStation 5 reveal, the official KFC social media pages posted videos showing off a supposed KFC-own brand gaming console, exclaiming that it came with a fully built-in flaming grill to cook your chicken on. At the time, many people could only think about one thing – “This is a joke right?” Well, it turns out, they were joking. It was all a big prank… at the time. Introducing the KFConsole.

Dropped on top of us like a boulder, the official KFC Gaming Twitter page (that’s right, verified and everything) has now announced that they weren’t messing around. In a recent tweet that includes what can only be described as the most dramatic trailer to ever exist, KFC Gaming implies that “The console wars are over.” While introducing KFC’s new fully-developed gaming console.

Now it may not have a built-in flaming grill that cooks chicken while you game, but it can sure keep your chicken warm for you with the console’s chicken warming utilities. Trying our best to overlook the humor factor here, it’s said that this machine is quite the beast. Being backed up by Intel PR rep Mark Walton on Twitter, he has had to reassure gamers of the utmost legitimacy when it comes to the KFConsole. With a swappable GPU slot and an Intel Nuc 9 minicomputer packed inside, KFC really wasn’t holding back here. If that wasn’t enough, claims say that is VR ready, supports ray tracing and 4K displays, and can offer a sleek frame rate of up to 240fps.

Overall, KFC has never hesitated in the eyes of publicity stunts, especially those of the gaming genre with titles like I Love You Colonel Sanders which launched on steam in 2019 with immense support and love from players, with many parts of the internet going crazy over it. With exciting things in store, the fast-food chain certainly has its hands full.

As of yet, no information has been released on the when-abouts of this console and no date has been noted for when gamers can get their hands on the console.

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