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GOG Swiftly Recants Re-Releasing Devotion


GOG Swiftly Recants Re-Releasing Devotion

Game retailer, GOG, has announced that it won’t be aiding in the re-release of the Taiwanese-developed horror, Devotion.

Anyone here remember Devotion? If not, that’s fine – created by Taiwanese game studio, Red Candle Games, the title caught the ire of thousands of Chinese gamers over a joke, which led to the studio opting to pull the game from Steam back in early 2019.

Just today, the developer announced that the game was hitting GOG later this month with no changes made to the content. This meant that the joke that compared China’s leader, Xi Jinping, to Winnie the Pooh would still remain in the game.

Well, that December 18 re-release date looks to not be the case anymore as GOG is pulling it after receiving “many messages” from gamers.

It’s hard to say where those gamers hailed, but odds are it stemmed mostly from China. At this point, Red Candle hasn’t divulged its future plans for Devotion, be it if it’ll sell on its own store, attempt to post it elsewhere, or simply remove the content that led to the anger in the first place.

Gabriel is an entertainment reporter and founder of Quicksaved all the way back in 2018 when it was first called PixelBay. He's currently living up in the frigid and sometimes not-so-frigid state of Alaska.

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