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Final Fantasy VII Remake Release Date Confirmed by Square Enix

Final Fantasy Cloud


Final Fantasy VII Remake Release Date Confirmed by Square Enix

The Final Fantasy VII remake is coming early next year to the excitement of fans. No word if the game will remain episodic.

It’s time to sharpen those swords. Square Enix just confirmed that the PS4-exclusive Final Fantasy VII remake is dropping on March 3, 2020. The company made the reveal on Sunday night at the FINAL FANTASY VII concert in Los Angeles.

The company initially announced the remake during E3 2015. However, a teaser trailer only recently released during a PlayStation State of Play livestream earlier this year. This was likely due to game development transferring over from an external team to official Square Enix operations. Along with the teaser came gameplay and character model concept reveals.

The clip features the Midgar portion of the game, with AVALANCHE holding a bombing run on the Mako reactors. Barret and Cloud are featured fighting against guard scorpions using their respective limit breaks. Overall, the remake holds itself very accurately against the original game.

While the game certainly seems promising, it appears it may remain episodic. A controversial move on Square Enix’s part, fans have not been all that happy about it. As for the episodes’ release schedule, much has been said about whether the release date refers to the first episode or all of them. However, Tetsuya Nomura – a well-known Square Enix director – urged fans to wait for details at their upcoming E3 press conference.

Stay tuned for more updates from PixelBay. The Square Enix E3 presentation will take place on June 10th, 6 PM P.T.

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