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Dead Cells DLC, 60 FPS, And Content Updates Are Coming


Dead Cells DLC, 60 FPS, And Content Updates Are Coming

Dead Cells isn’t dead just yet, new content is on the way in the form of DLC and content updates.

During an interview with Nintendo, Motion Twin producer, Steve Filby, and developer, Sebastien Bénard explained what to expect when it comes to Dead Cells. As we speak, they are apparently at work on performance improvements. These improvements include native sixty frames per second which might be music to some gamers’ ears who didn’t care for the FPS cap on Dead Cells. They just need to do some final bug testing and it’ll be good to go.

In the same interview, Filby expressed how they will be releasing a new DLC, the content of the DLC wasn’t touched on much, nor was a release date, they just said it would bring in a lot of content. But, fans of Dead Cells will hopefully be happy that the game isn’t completely done.

New content was also mentioned alongside the DLC. This content would be in the form of updates.

We got plans for updates for content. New weapons, new monsters, new levels, all kinds of stuff, it’s going to come out as soon as we can produce it throughout the next year.

It isn’t specified whether they mean 2020 or (more likely) 2019.

Dead Cells is out now on the Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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