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Cory Barlog Takes Aim At Users Harassing Employee Over God Of War Delay

God of War, Cory Barlog


Cory Barlog Takes Aim At Users Harassing Employee Over God Of War Delay

Santa Monica Studio’s Cory Barlog tells angry fans that he was the one who delayed God of War: Ragnarök after employee gets abusive message.

Being the newbie in the crew is already kind of awkward, but being the weird focus of an angry gamer is a whole other thing. Santa Monica Studio’s Alanah Pearce knows this first-hand as she tweeted out Thursday claiming to have finally been “initiated,” alongside a picture of the offending messages.

God of War‘s Cory Barlog took to Twitter to defend Pearce in a swear-filled tweet, acknowledging that any hate about the 2022 delay should be directed to him as it was his call.

He finished off his post by reminding people that anyone at the studio is there for a reason and that reason is their skills outdo other applicants.

Pearce was hired by Santa Monica Studio as a game writer in late 2020.

The sequel to 2016’s God of War, which fans have taken to calling God of War: Ragnarök, was first revealed in September 2020 and slated to release this year. Since then, though, it’s been pushed to a 2022 release date and also confirmed to also be releasing on the PS4, making it yet another game that can be played on both generations.

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