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Batman Actor Isn’t Involved In Potential Court Of Owls Game

Kevin Conroy, Court of Owls game not planned


Batman Actor Isn’t Involved In Potential Court Of Owls Game

“It’s not what I am underneath, it’s what I do that defines me.”

Batman‘s voice actor, Kevin Conroy, isn’t likely to voice in the supposed Court of Owls set game. Broke by JOE, they interviewed Conroy asking various questions such as his experience recording the Arkham games, his favorite live-action Joker, and more. One question stood out, though. That question was whether he was a part of the next game which WB Games Montreal has been teasing to no end.

His simple response was he isn’t but appears not to know why given his experience in playing the Dark Knight in previous games and TV shows. Nevertheless, the question was a passing one and the interview went on its final question.

The rumor behind a game around the Court of Owls is far from lacking evidence at this point. Late last month WB Games Montreal put out a cryptic tweet which some noticed included the Court of Owls symbol. This was even more pushed when Scott Snyder tweeted a now-deleted response telling people to “wait for it”. Most recently, WB Games Montreal’s Twitter also posted a short clip with the images clearer with text that tells the user to “Capture the Knight”.

Kevin Conroy first debuted as the Caped Crusader in 1992 in Batman: The Animated Series. He then went on to become a mainstay and even able to compete with the likes of his live-action counterparts in the nostalgia department. He’s played Batman in everything from the various animated series to video games such as the Arkham franchise and Injustice, and even more.

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