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Apex Legends – Iron Crown And The Danger Of Microtransactions

Apex Legends - Iron Crown


Apex Legends – Iron Crown And The Danger Of Microtransactions

The latest event, Apex Legends Iron Crown, came with a serious downside, the new wave of microtransaction content is expensive.

Excitement for the latest Apex Legends update was pretty high until players found out about the cosmetics’ price tags. Respawn Entertainment launched the heavily anticipated Apex Legends – Iron Crown event through a major update earlier today.

As a limited-time event, several exclusive cosmetics are only available while the event is live. And as with most exclusive events, this makes them incredibly valuable to players. But Apex Legends took the word “value” to a whole new level.

A few hours after the launch of the event, Apex Legends players made their rage clear: these new cosmetics are incredibly pricey.

The following Reddit post by /u/HercMcHerp sums up the entire community’s response:

Do NOT spend money on these new packs. from apexlegends

The pricing model of Apex Legends has played subject to many a debate since the game’s primary launch. Supposedly “free-to-play” games, in general, have been criticized for having corrupt economies. Gamers have dubbed these ‘pay-to-win’ games. Take Pixel Gun 3D, for example- the mobile shooter that took the world by storm back in 2015. While the game is technically free to download, the most powerful weapons are “part guns”, costing 250 weapon parts to make. And if you’ve played Pixel Gun before, you’ll know how it is near impossible to win against those things. Players must then decide between paying $100 or to get the parts from events (which release them one at a time).

In terms of the Apex Legends Iron Crown event packs have a pricing and availability issue. With 24 Iron Crown packs to get, only two can be gained through earnest game play. The rest? 700 Apex Coins (the equivalent of $7 in the real world). In other words, the other 22 cards cost $154 in total.

The other alternative is somewhat worse. The RNG of loot boxes can be a real killer, and players actually stand the chance to lose more than $154 even without receiving their desired skin.

This means they could be $100 in the hole before getting a desired skin- and even then, risk getting duplicates.

Talk about monetization.

Still, Respawn Entertainment does deserve the benefit of the doubt. Obviously, the gaming industry is competitive, and people need to make money. In a way, they’re justified in selling these premium features for . . . well, a premium. The gambling mechanic may prove problematic to some, but if players are willing to take these risks, then that’s entirely on them.

What do you think about the new Iron Crown Event? Leave your thoughts down below.

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