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Abandoned PS5 Reveal Trailer Delayed to August



Abandoned PS5 Reveal Trailer Delayed to August

Abandoned has left many confused as to whether or not it could be Silent Hills in disguise and we’ll have to wait until August to find out.

Today would have mark the end for the viral conspiracy theory that Abandoned¬†is secretly Silent Hills.¬†With all the strange coincidences, fans are fired up. The trailer app would show real-time game footage on the PS5 and finally ending the theory. However, Blue Box announced Abandoned‘s trailer app will be delayed to August.

Studio director, Hasan Kahraman, posted a video on their Twitter account addressing the delay.

Not wanting to drop the ball on first impressions, so he decided to delay the trailer app. Kahraman says the app trailer was delayed because of localization and bugs. Of course, many are disappointed by this announcement, however, they aren’t shaken.

Despite the delay and Blue Box Game Studios’ constantly brushing off the rumors; many still believe it’s Silent Hill. This delay seem to add fuel to the flames. The trailer app was already delayed by three days to July 25, but now by a whole month.

Many questioned come to mind – why the big jump? Do they need until August to fix localization and bugs? Fixing bugs is believable, but localization? That’s left some skeptical. We won’t know the answer until August.

What do you guys think? Do you believe the reasoning behind the delay or is something fishy going on? 

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