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5 Of The Best Games Of August’s State Of Play

State of Play


5 Of The Best Games Of August’s State Of Play

The latest State of Play was recently and guess what? We have opinions about it. What were our favorite announcements? Let’s see.

PlayStation’s State of Play was set to be a smaller-scale event. So, no big-budget first-party titles like Horizon or Spider-Man: Miles Morales. Just a small event comprised of VR, indie, and third-party games. While that bummed out some gamers, but most were satisfied enough with the plethora of gameplay from upcoming titles. The majority of the games that I saw caught my eye with the brightest of glimmers, while others were not as interesting. Here are 5 games that I believe to be the most interesting.

Crash Bandicoot 4: It’s About Time

My inner child was screaming and jumping for joy when Crash Bandicoot 4 was displayed. The cartoony graphics lend a fun and charming style to the game. Animations are very expressive – filling the characters to the brim with personality. As well as keeping the franchise’s signature of platforming, variety of gameplay styles, and the traversal through levels. While adding new mechanics to help modernize Crash Bandicoot’s gameplay with wall-running, rail-grinding, playable characters, new power-ups that shakes up the established formula, and a heaping amount of replay value. Crash Bandicoot 4 is shaking up to be a very fun, absorbing, and challenging experience.

Release Date: October 2, 2020

The Pathless

Get ready for a game that looks like it was made for speedrunners. Sliding, running around, and shooting your arrows in a huge open field at breakneck speeds look exhilarating and addicting. The world that you explore in reminds me quite a bit of Breath of the Wild, Shadow of Colossus, and Journey. You explore an open world filled with giant spirit monsters, puzzles, and ancient towers. Not much is known about the story, but nonetheless, still looks interesting and something worth checking out.

Release Date: Holiday 2020

The Pedestrian

The Pedestrian may seem like a normal 2D stick figure platformer at first glance, but the trailer quickly disperses that idea entirely. Instead of going from point A to point B while dodging, you have to move and readjust certain frames to progress. It’s a puzzle platformer that has a really clever concept and I do hope they pull it off spectacularly.

Release Date: January 2021

Hood: Outlaws & Legends

Now, I’m not a person that likes to constantly dip my head in the toxic wastelands of multiplayer. However, the concept of a multiplayer game that focuses on strategy, stealth, and cooperation to overcome the rival team sounds fun. I believe the primary goal isn’t to kill the other team, but to get in and steal the precious treasure before the other team does. If you want a more stealthy and slower-paced competitive multiplayer game, then keep an eye on this.

Spelunky 2

I never played the first Spelunky, but Spelunky 2 seems to be a good starting point. A goofy platformer that will turn you into bloody confetti while your friends watch in horror or laugh at you. Exploring huge difficult levels filled with death traps with friends sounds like a hoot. I can see myself getting with my friends and having a grand time or breaking my controller from frustration.

What do you guys think? What do you think is the best showing from the State of Play? Leave your thoughts down in the comments below!

Christian loves horror games and movies. He's a horror connoisseur, if you will.

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